State aid due to COVID-19

As part of State aid measures to support the economy during the current outbreak of COVID-19, EFCC IKE received the following assistance to address the effects of COVID-19 Special Purpose Compensation 1 Refundable deposit 2

Pylis – EFCC Trading Partnership

In July 2019 we signed a trade agreement with Pylis. PYLIS is a technology company specializing in security. With state-of-the-art technology, it provides online guard and concierge services, replacing the physical presence of security personnel. It ensures universal shielding of the enclosure while reducing security costs by 50-70%.

25 years of Warranty for The Office in Municipality of Athens

With the completion of the cabling project at the City of Athens administration building, at 22 Liossion Street, a 25-year warranty was provided by Nexans Cabling Solutions for the cable network of 768 optical lines operating according to international standards. FTTO technology involves structured fiber optic cabling and industrial microswitches, […]

Electrical installation and Fiber to the Office at the new offices of North P & I Club.

A project of European standards and high architectural requirements was recently delivered by our company In collaboration with the Interior Architect, Leonora Papadopoulou (study and construction), the following facilities were set up: Integrated electrical installation fully automated Fiber Optical Network Installation with Fiber to the Office technology supporting IP telephony […]